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Beware of what they don’t know

I just heard from a friend who has a daughter that had just gotten out of drug rehab and had gotten a nice new job but she had to go to the hospital for a minor surgery. The surgeon saw that this girl had significant drug issues and wrote on her charts, “give this girl no drugs”. Well, another physician who didn’t read the charts gave her a 90 day subscription of pain medication. In a less than two months, she lost her job, her apartment, and was back on the street.

See how conniving the bitch is? She is looking for every opportunity to bring you back to your knees and back under her control.

Until you convince yourself that you will never do drugs (or your other addictions) again and give the time that it will take to get the cabbage out of your head, you need someone to watch your back in all areas of medical care. Some physicians hand out medicine like candy and don’t always know your background because most of the time you are a liar and a fraud! Don’t pretend that you don’t have an issue with prescription medicine, or an occasional drink, or you can watch porno sometimes— That is Bull and you know it! Quit buying the lie and kick her to the curb!

Welcome In

Let’s call it like it is! Addiction is a bitch!

This site is dedicated to recognizing that addiction of any kind is a selfish, malicious bitch that is not our friend. It romanticizes us in the early days then when it has made us too weak to fight; it takes our dignity, our resources, our safety, our families and anything else it can steal in the meantime. I for one think it is time to recognize all of the addictions that we let tease us whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or over eating for what they are:  A vicious, self-serving bitch that once it has taken everything from you will move to those around you and strip them down as well.

I welcome your experiences and your comments but let’s keep it real. Don’t bring me your liberal “make drugs legal and everything will be alright” rhetoric. If you feel that way you  obviously haven’t been completely seduced by the bitch, and you are still living in a “cabbage head” world. That is what I call life with an addiction, having a cabbage in your head.

Addiction is not out to hurt your feelings, she is out to kill you. That is why I say “Kick her to the curb!”