Monthly Archives: December 2014

Addiction for the holidays

I have become very aware of how tough it is for an addict during the holiday season, especially if the friends and family don’t know about the addiction. Recently, I was at a family event where one of my relatives wasn’t there “because she wasn’t feeling well”, (code for passed out) and two others were there struggeling with alcoholism. (One with an ankle bracelet).

Suddendly a niece pulls out a few bottles of “really nice ” wines and begins to pass them around. I see the one with the bracelet immediately run for a cigarette and the other one grabbed for a glass of the wine.  I was overwhelmed by the naivity of the niece until I realized, “she doesn’t know”.

She doesn’t know about the loss of driving priviledges and the lack of income. She didn’t know about the police runs in the middle of the night to pick up drunk drivers, she didn’t know about the abuse that was released by the alcohol. Most of the world doesn’t know about the pain of addiction.

Most of the world celebrates without knowing that there could be someone in the corner that is about to lose everything. Be sensitive people. Addiction is a curse and we need to help one another navigate through it. Pay attention, there may be more than just a toast in that glass!

Kick her to the curb!