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Beware of what they don’t know

I just heard from a friend who has a daughter that had just gotten out of drug rehab and had gotten a nice new job but she had to go to the hospital for a minor surgery. The surgeon saw that this girl had significant drug issues and wrote on her charts, “give this girl no drugs”. Well, another physician who didn’t read the charts gave her a 90 day subscription of pain medication. In a less than two months, she lost her job, her apartment, and was back on the street.

See how conniving the bitch is? She is looking for every opportunity to bring you back to your knees and back under her control.

Until you convince yourself that you will never do drugs (or your other addictions) again and give the time that it will take to get the cabbage out of your head, you need someone to watch your back in all areas of medical care. Some physicians hand out medicine like candy and don’t always know your background because most of the time you are a liar and a fraud! Don’t pretend that you don’t have an issue with prescription medicine, or an occasional drink, or you can watch porno sometimes— That is Bull and you know it! Quit buying the lie and kick her to the curb!

Legalize it, that will solve the problem! Tell that to Colorado!

For all of you folks that have argued that legalising marijuana is the only smart thing to do, please see this report from Colorado on the impact of legalized marijuana in Colroado. This report was not meant to have an opinion, just report the impact. You can find the whole report at . Since most of you that currently smoke marijuana would probably not read this report, let me point out some highlights.

Section 4 – Emergency Room Marijuana Admissions: • From 2011 through 2013, there was a 57 percent increase in marijuana-related emergency room visits. • Hospitalizations related to marijuana have increased 82 percent from 2008 to 2013. • In 2012, the City of Denver rate for marijuana-related emergency visits was 45 percent higher than the rate in Colorado.

Section 5 – Marijuana-Exposure to children: • Marijuana-related exposures for children ages 0 to 5 on average have increased 268 percent from 2006–2009 to 2010-2013. • Colorado’s rate of marijuana-related exposures is triple the national average.

Section 3 – Adult Marijuana Use: • In 2012, 26.81 percent of college age students (ages 18 – 25 years) were considered current marijuana users compared to 18.89 percent nationally. That will help the grades for those high priced colleges. My comment. Colorado, ranked 3rd in the nation, was 42 percent higher than the national average. • In 2012, 7.63 percent of adults ages 26 and over were considered current marijuana users compared to 5.05 percent nationally. Colorado, ranked 7th in the nation, was 51 percent higher than the national average. • In 2013, 48.4 percent of Denver adult arrestees tested positive for marijuana which is a 16 percent increase from 2008.

Face it, anyone who smokes pot or knows someone that does knows that it disables them from making decisions, causes memory loss, and causes couch potato syndrome. When you make it legal, you justify it’s use and therefore endorse the abuse. Addition is a bitch and Marijuana is very addictive.

Kick her to the curb.

Long Journey

It has been a long journey working with my family member who is an addict. Lots of deception and setbacks and lots of progress coming in waves.

One thing that I have discovered about addiction in general is that it “sticks” you in a maturity level of the place that you started the behavior that got you there in the first place. I see my family member slip up and smoke a joint and suddenly they  are the irresponcible 16 year old that they were 10 years ago.

They suddendly don’t get off the couch to interupt their video games and they have this”magical thinking” about working and providing for their family. My addicted friend got an interview for a job recently from an application that someone else filled out for him and because they called to verify the appointment for the interview, he stated “they must want me real bad to call like that”. That is something that a 16 year old that does not understand business thinks because their head is not in the game. So it goes with the addict that is “STUCK”

They never seem to see that it is the “Bitch” that is distracting their every step forward. They seem to get a global view of the world when they are high and when they are not, they are all anxious about the future because they have not planned for it.

Please sse that if you are in an addiction that it is not OK. Don’t buy that politically correct crap about it being your right to choose, you gave up your choosing a while back and now everyone else chooses for you. It will destroy you, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but it will get its payment for your pleasure, YOU.

Kick her to the curb!