Quit the Games!

I was speaking to a friend of mine who worked in rehab for many years. She was recalling all of the years that she saw hundreds of addicts come through the doors and most of them brought their game. They were “faking” rehab, “coming to Jesus”, and talking the talk all while smuggling in drugs through their friends, watching porn on the library computer, and lying like a rug every chance they got.

I thought to myself, “They still think the bitch (addiction) is their friend! In most cases the bitch had stolen their education or their ability to use it, stolen their careers, stolen their families, stolen their health, and when they get to a place that can help them kick her to the curb, they  smuggle her in and dance with her on the inside.

Can’t you see that the bitch has stolen your ability to make good decisions and she will continue to get you by the balls until you dismiss her from your life altogether? You can never dance with her again!

Quit playing the game and identify her for what she is, a vicious, conniving mistress that will take you for all you have and not lose an ounce of sleep over it.

Kick her to the Curb!

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